If there’s one shining example to prove that there’s more to lines than meets the eye, take a look at our project in the car park of Manchester United’s stadium at Old Trafford. The team’s ‘official airline sponsor’, Russian airline Aeroflot, wanted its corporate logo emblazoned across the parking area. You can’t do that ‘freehand’, so we simply deployed our smart technology. Run the video to see how the remote controlled marking ‘car’ traces the outlines of the lettering and geometric shapes perfectly.


You’ll see that the RC Car squirts out a thin line of paint as it follows the contorted path we programmed in – directly from the Linemakers iPad! Then it’s a matter of us carefully filling in the marked-out letter shapes and patterns with the appropriate paint and materials. In this case, the car park area is tarmac, so we were able to use tough one-pack paint and add the colour required to recreate Aeroflot’s striking logo ‘swoosh’ for everyone to see. Aeroflot signed a five-year deal with Man U in July 2013. Their logo will be around for a lot longer, despite the heavy traffic the stadium car park experiences.


You may not be in a position to have your company or brand logo slapped across a sports field slap-bang in front of a TV camera. But if you know where filming is likely to take place, there are some cunning alternatives to get a share of the TV audience’s mind. Take a look at the slightly sneaky way we created logos on the roadside embankment in this Jessica Ennis video clip.