Welcome to Linemakers

Welcome to Linemakers – There’s more to lines than meets the eye.

Our experience will advise you on the options and materials available.

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Who we are

A highly skilled team of surface line marking professionals with over 15 years of experience, fully equipped and fully insured.


What we do

We create lines wherever they are needed. We renew old lines and remove unwanted lines. We mark out numbers, symbols, names and corporate logos.


Where we work

Indoors and outdoors, in factories, on roads and in car parks. Across the Leicestershire area with special projects and contracts that take us nationwide.

  • Line renewal & removal
  • Parking bay numbering
  • Fire exit marking
  • Anti-slip walkways
  • Commercial lorry bays
  • Hatched areas
  • Disabled bays
  • Corporate logos
  • Health & safety marking
  • Traffic management
  • Free quotations

Contact us now for expert services in everything to do with lines on roads, car parks and walkways, indoors and out:

0116 260 3737



There’s more to lines and Linemakers than meets the eye. Our huge experience lets us advise you on every option and all the materials available. Then our expertise means we will complete your work to the highest standards.

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This is what you see on the roads. Thermoplastic is used on tarmac. It can be used on block paving and concrete too, but not without applying an adhesive ‘tack coat’ first, if you want a high quality job that will last. And as this is a two-stage process, it will cost more.


Best used for concrete on hard-wearing, heavy traffic areas, like surfaces where trucks manoeuvre. MMA, scientific name methyl-methacrylate, requires a more complex application process, but is very tough, long-lasting and anti-scuff.

Chlorinated rubber

A road marking paint applied by spraying, typically with a petrol-driven spray machine. Don’t be fooled – aerosols simply don’t hack it! This is an industrial application process. Chlorinated rubber is ideal for block paving and concrete and doesn’t need a tack coat.

New for old

Experience counts in the detail of every project too. We may recommend thermoplastic for new concrete as it most likely would adhere. But as concrete is porous, dirt gets ingrained. So we know that redoing the old lines with thermoplastic won’t last, and that will save money.


We especially want to thank your staff for their consistent, exemplary professional contributions… The community is so pleased with the new car park
Jennifer A
Jennifer A
Executive - McDonalds
Stuart is very conscientious and thoughtful. He always calls to inform us about time frames, changes and costs. He is certainly ‘the man’ to go to.
John Doe
John Doe
President/CEO - Aldi
Your people were a joy to work with, and I can assure you that I would be the first in line to recommend Linemakers for any future projects.
Dos Santos
Dos Santos
Administrator - Sports Direct